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Creative, curious and collaborative arts adventurers.

For a small company we think big. We are barrier

breakers, dance-floor shakers and loyal caretakers.
We are a warm hug and a wake up call.

We are Art with Heart

We design and deliver Performance, Participation and Education projects from our home in Salford, where you’ll find an open door, a ready boiled kettle and a pot brimming with ideas.

We provide creative experiences in the form of performances, projects, exhibitions, workshops and training to support people to unlock their creativity, discover their voice and test their values.

Associate Artists at The Lowry, we engage with thousands of people nationally every year and are always on the hunt for fellow collaborators.

Active citizens, our sleeves are rolled up, prepared to dig deep and explore new territories together. We’re invested in being part of positive change and work to fire conversations, challenge perceptions and galvanise action.

You’ll find us out and about; with performances and projects popping up in all manner of places from theatres to community centres, tents at festivals and occasionally on trams!

Take a look at our portfolio for a peek at our performances and projects and get in touch for a chat about working together.

We are Art with Heart



We create, produce and deliver professional performances which tour to arts venues and unexpected places. Sometimes we tell our stories, sometimes we tell yours, but we’re especially interested in sharing stories that might otherwise go untold.

”A level of empathy and understanding that smashes apart stereotypes and stigma“
The Reviews Hub on 'Declaration'
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We support people to unlock their creativity and discover their voice. We deliver artistic projects and workshops with community and youth groups in open and inclusive environments helping participants to thrive.

”We hugely value their ethical, well considered, sensitive approach and trust them to work with us in engaging some of the most hard to reach communities across Greater Manchester“
Lynsey O’Sullivan
Engagement Manager, The Lowry
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We have over a decade of experience working in various education environments including schools, colleges and pupil referral units and are passionate about encouraging and nurturing creative thinking.

”Students found the session engaging and inspiring. They felt comfortable discussing difficult topics as you created such a lovely, safe space“
Naeem Moosa
The Co-operative Academy Manchester
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We offer a range of professional development workshops for artists and students. Workshops can be adapted for small or large groups and to suit the needs of emerging or more experienced participants.

”I am a physical learner - the workshop catered to all learners. It was very informative and I enjoyed all parts“
Birmingham School of Acting Student
on 'Setting Up A Performing Arts Company' Workshop
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What we're
up to

A People Powered Programme for Change

Our response to Covid-19. Announcing our Summer – Autumn programme; a responsive, relevant and useful programme of work which prioritises local community and creatives. Including; Dial: intergenerational creative phone-based activity, SPACE: online wellbeing resource, Artist Brew Days: Free workshops and advice surgeries for local creatives, Box Tickers: returning to the 2010 Equalities Act, 13 artists explore whether it is working and ask ‘is protection is enough?’, in a series of podcast provocations. Read more.

Our commitment to anti-racist action

We’re making a commitment to anti-racist action. We want to do more. We hope you do too. Read about the actions we are promising to put into place in our blog, “Tragedy cannot be the catalyst for change.” The blog also includes a list of resources and actions that you can take to help in the fight against racism.

This note was written by a young black student from Stretford during one of our equalities workshops. Over the past 4 years we’ve delivered 240 equalities workshops to students across Greater Manchester. Not a single session has passed without a black student sharing a personal experience of witnessing or being the target of racism.

Stay Safe, Stay Home

We’ve been a little quiet recently as we try to rescue, reshape and reimagine our next 18 months of activity to ensure we can provide exciting, accessible and useful creative opportunities for local people and artists.

We’re a small team of 2, but the Art with Heart family extends way beyond us. To give you an idea over the past 2 years we’ve employed over 60 freelance creatives and engaged over 10,000 people through performances, projects and workshops!

We’re committed to doing all we can to provide opportunities for communities and creatives. We just need a little time to get our ducks in a row. Until then stay safe and look after one another.

Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy is important to us. You can read all about how we handle your personal data and how we keep it safe here.

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